[IM2021] Reverse Geodata and missing entries in thesaurus

Started by Rene Toepfer, August 17, 2021, 09:45:18 PM

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Rene Toepfer

I let IM create keywords via Geo & Map using variables in "Create keywords..." [1]. If a country, city, location is already available in thesaurus it will be checked. So far, so good... it works.
How can I set IM to create a new entry in thesaurus using these variables? E.g. reverse geodata returns WHERE|KÖLN|RUDOLFPLATZ but RUDOLFPLATZ is not in my thesaurus. How can RUDOLFPLATZ be created automatically in thesaurus?

[1] https://www.photools.com/help/imatch/#rmh_config_geo.htm


The correct way to do this is by adding keywords in the Keywords Panel (with the option to add new keywords to the thesaurus enabled) or you manually adding keywords to the thesaurus.

You don't want to pollute your thesaurus by various features in IMatch adding keywords under unpredictable circumstances.
The thesaurus is your controlled vocabulary. With a big emphasis on controlled. Usually you setup the thesaurus once and then use it. New keywords should be added only in a controlled fashion. After all, keyword consistency is one of the main reason for using a thesaurus.
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