[Imatch 2021] Recommendation for installation

Started by Rene Toepfer, August 11, 2021, 10:14:27 AM

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Rene Toepfer

Great news with IM2021! I have read the new and improved features - with a lot of promising features to speed up my work flow (e.g. face link). Only a few days until I can download it (due to first vacation for over 1,5 years).

What is the recommended kind to install IM2021? To install in parallel to IM2020 to ensure the settings will be migrated to IM2021 or uninstall IM2020 first and keep the settings? Backups of the IM2020 settings and databases are self-evident.


Just install IMatch 2021 like you install the regular IMatch updates.
IMatch 2021 automatically upgrades your existing installation and database(s) on the first open.

You cannot install IMatch 2020 and 2021 on the same computer.

IMatch 2021 contains important upgrades of the Microsoft runtime system, 3rd party components like the Chromium browser, a new ExifTool version which is incompatible with IMatch 2020 (because there were breaking changes in ExifTool which requires modifications in IMatch) etc. Very important stuff.

Making a backup is of course recommended. You should backup your entire system at least daily anyway. Surprisingly, many users do not ...  :'(
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