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Started by Mario, August 10, 2021, 04:26:53 PM

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After working for nearly 18 months on this, I'm really happy and proud to announce the availability of IMatch 2021 today.

For all details and and an entertaining overview video, see:

IMatch 2021 - What's New?

Upgrading to IMatch 2021

Upgrading is easy. IMatch 2021 is an evolutionary upgrade and works with your existing database and settings.
Just download IMatch 2021 from the customer portal and install as usual.

All IMatch users are encouraged to upgrade to IMatch 2021 as soon as possible.
It not only has exciting new features, but also contains important bug fixes, up-to-date versions of 3rd party components and security updates in all important modules.
IMatch 2021 is compatible with ExifTool 12.26 and later versions.

IMatch 2021 upgrades your existing database(s) to the new format automatically on first open.
The IMatch 2021 database format is not compatible with older IMatch versions. If you run IMatch on multiple computers, update them all.
If you use IMatch Anywhere, download and install the free compatibility update. See below for details.

For step-by-step instructions and important info, please see:

Upgrading to IMatch 2021

Upgrade Fee

I'm afraid, but IMatch 2021 is a fee-based upgrade.
The last paid upgrade for IMatch was released 18 months ago, and since then I have released over 20 free updates, each with enhancements, new features and bug fixes.

As per my fair update & upgrade policy, users with a license for IMatch 2020 get a 40% discount on the regular price.

After logging into the customer portal, you will see your personal discount voucher right at the top.
Click on the green button to upgrade. Your 40% discount is automatically applied and you'll see the reduced price in the MyCommerce shopping basket.

Please show your support for IMatch and my hard work by purchasing your upgrade soon.
This ensures a continuation of the product, this community and allows me to provide you with the best DAM software now and in the future.

Free Upgrades

All users who have bought or upgraded to IMatch 2020 on or after February 1. 2021 get this upgrade for free.
Your account has already been updated and you can download IMatch 2021 from the customer portal.

IMatch Anywhere

IMatch Anywhere 2019.21.2 has also been released today. This version is compatible with IMatch 2021.
-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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