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Started by frlindla, June 16, 2021, 12:16:59 AM

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Take a look at this topic:

I thought I could make this a feature request. I wish it could be possible to move photos in the map by clicking in the map and dragging to the right position. This would make it even faster I think to move a photo or a group of photos. This is the way it is done in lightroom I think.

Or maybe also the possibility to drag Photos from the filewindow to the map.


When you drag the marker for a file on the map, you change the GPS coordinates of the file.
To change the GPS coordinates of all selected files, just place the target marker on the spot and click on the apply button.

Not sure what you want to tell me?


Yes, I can set the marker on the map. But in lightroom there is a possibility to click on a photo or a group of Photos on the map (hold down left mouse button) and drag/move to the right position on the map. Could this way be implemented in Imatch?


Select the files you want to place in the file window. Click the map and apply the target marker. Done.

Same result, just simpler. No fiddly multi-selection needed in the Map panel. Just place the target marker and apply it to all selected files.

Why the need to first select files on the Map Panel? You already have a selection in the File Window! The files you see on the Map Panel are the files you have selected in the File Window.

I don't want to add "selected files in the File Window" and an additional "currently selected files in the Map Panel" metaphor.
This would be irritating. Keep in mind that the files selected in the File Window not only apply to the Map panel, but to all other panels too.


Well, I don`t agree. But ok. My point was an alternative way to move photos on map. Just click on the group of photos on map (no multi-selection needed) and drag to a new position. Very simple! ;)

I saw this way in lightroom, I liked it and just wanted to suggest this ;)


What do you consider a group of files when you say "Just click on a group of photos on a map"?
The files you see on the map are the files currently selected in the File Window. There are no groups.
You can select multiple files with a circle or polygon selection, though.

Do you have a frequent use case where you actually need to shift the position of multiple files and move them relative to their original position to a new position?
If you want to place the files on a different spot, you can just drag their markers on the map panel.
If you want to place multiple files at some other location, use the target marker.
Shifting multiple files be a certain amount relative to their current position is the only use-case I see for your suggested feature.
But how often is that needed?
Am I overlooking something? Usually you place files only once (or they are already placed by their GPS coordinates written by the camera).

Even such a medium-complex enhancement can easily cost me several days to develop, test and document. Selection handing, making the dragging work for multiple markers, which can be easy or hard, depending on which map provider is used etc.
And since I don't force you to use Google (and force you sending data to Google) like Lightroom does, I need to make all changes for the map panel in two separate code bases, to support OSM, HERE, Bing and Google. And before I do this, I need good reasons to make changes to the Map panel.

When it is worth it, I will do it.
Let's see how many other users see a need for this.


Hello again :)
Take a look at my attachment. When I add metadata to photos in a folder, I also check the map and correct photos with wrong gps coordinates. I often see a situation like in my attachment. Photos taken with my iphone doesn`t always give the right position on the map.

What I call a "group of photos" is for example the 4 photos located in the sea. I know for sure that this is wrong. I can click on the four photos and see what photos it is. To move them, I can search for them to get them selected in the filewindow , set the marker in map and then confirm new position of the four photos. This is easy to do.

I just wondered, is it possible to just click on the four photos (what I call a group) and drag to a new position on map, without needing to search first?

You say that I can drag the markers to a new position. Really sorry if I have missed something here, but when I click on a marker on the map and try to move it, I just move the map.

But don`t mind doing anything if this is much work or of no need for others ;)

Just qurious :D


QuoteYou say that I can drag the markers to a new position. Really sorry if I have missed something here, but when I click on a marker on the map and try to move it, I just move the map.

At the resolution you use, all your files are clustered into blobs (the sun-like thingies) because the markers are so near together that they fall into the same spot at this zoom size.
When you zoom in, the clusters will resolve (unless Apple really placed all files at exactly the same location) and you can drag individual files.
You should be able to drag the single marker at the bottom right, too.


Then I have to check this, cause I am not able to drag individual photos on map. To move several photos at once, I guess I have to use the search function (No drag and drop)


Make sure you have not enabled the lock