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Started by javiavid, April 09, 2021, 10:33:09 AM

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I like the event section is more visual than categories and more similar to albums in other programs.
I know it is recent and over time, but I contribute some suggestions:

-Information similar to the thumbnail of File Window (Variables, Tags ..)
It would be great to be able to format the information of the event as you need to add information such as location of the event, people ..

-Multiples rows per year instead of one
It could be done automatic when rediming the panel vertically or if it is very difficult to add an option to choose the number of rows.
If you have many years and events take a long time to arrive.

-A more obvious separation of each year
Perhaps with a vertical line or leaving a broader space of separation between each year.

-Adjust zoom as in file window
I mean being able to use Ctrl + Scroll, it's very fast

And some improvements that I consider less importance:

-Vertical mode panel
-Adjust cover image (for vertical images)
-Rating of the event

-Slow and random slide show in thumbnail of events? (for iMatch 2025 haha)


I would also like to see the actual Photos on a secondary display and the event view on one display. This would give more space to see the Photos of an event. I know I can open Photos in a result Window, but this window can not be moved to a secondary display I think.


Good ideas! I would wellcome any tuning of the event workflow/handling.


The Event View is no more...