Author Topic: Make the design of the Event-view same as other views (horizontal based layout)  (Read 423 times)


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Hi Mario

I raised this question in bug area (, but as you stated it is a design-issue I will rise it here again

All Views are organised in a horizontal way (Left: selection area, right: File-View). The Event-View is orginaised in a vertical-way (top: File-View, bottom: selection area). This is an inconsitency in the UI-Design which leads to (in my View) irritation to the User and also bad screen arangement, because with modern Monitors, a horizontal design is allways better.

So my request would be to change the design of the Event-View to make it consistent with the other designs.

Regarding the use of Ctrl+Wheel for scrolling in the Event-List:
1) This is not my main point: The main point is the inconsistency
2) The scroll can be done without Ctrl
3) In the main-window, Ctrl+Wheel is used for changing the size of the image preview (good), so when I use Ctrl+Wheel in the Event-List, I would also expect that the icon-size would change, and not scrolling. (Command should allways have the same or at least a similar behaviour all over the software)

An please change the size of the scroll bar for the Person- and Event-View: They are too small and inconsistent to the other Layout.

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The Event View has been re-designed for IMatch 2021, adding many new features.
I'll hence close your request.