Lightroom and exporting Makers Notes to JPG EXIF data - A question

Started by voronwe, March 12, 2021, 08:51:21 PM

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playing around with my new camera, I accidently found out that my Lightroom is not writing the Makers Notes when developing a jpg.

The Makers-notes are those special information which is camera dependent and which you got e.g. with this command:

exiftool -makernotes:all 2021_02_10_001_Panasonic_K.RW2

As I am still using a quite old Lightroom-Version (namely 5.7 - I don't want to go into the monthly payment.), my questions are:

- Is this still true with the latest version of Lightroom, or is this one copying the data to the JPG's Exif?

- Does anybody know about other Metadata which is there but Lightroom does not export to the JPG? At least the Lightroom-development settings are exported

PS: When converting from NEF to DNG with Adobes DNG Converter 12.2, the makers Notes are written into the DNG. (At least I checked it for the Nikon D500 as well as the Panasonic DMC-FZ300)


It is generally not recommended to transfer maker notes between files.
Maker notes are undocumented and proprietary. Often they contain pointers to specific locations (byte offsets) in the image file.
Transferring such maker notes can lead to data corruption, because in the other image, the data the maker notes point at contain totally different information.

ExifTool understands many maker notes and is able to relocate data and update pointers - for known maker notes. I don't recommend copying maker notes.

Most Adobe software does not copy maker notes at all. I'm not sure why or which part of maker notes the copy into a DNG files, and where. EXIF data - yes. Maker notes - no idea.
Please contact Adobe support to answer this question.
-- Mario
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