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Started by Rene Toepfer, March 03, 2021, 12:38:59 PM

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Rene Toepfer

How can I manually add face annotation in batch instead of clicking each image? I have the attached images and IMatch does not detect faces because they are covered. For these images I have added them manually one by one. Later on I used STRG+C, STRG+V ( Chapter "Copy & Paste Face Annotations") but it remained to open each image one by one.
Is their a possibility to add face annotations by a batch? For example: I mark these three images and set the person. Of course I could do it by keywords but then I cannot use the advandages of the face manger. I was looking in the help but was unable to find the right chapter/item ( or


There is no such feature.
Since IMatch cannot detect a face, it cannot add face annotation automatically.
A feature like "just add a face annotation for person X somewhere on all selected images" would be doable but I doubt it would be of much use.
Manual face annotations should be placed at least in the rough area of the actual face.

Feel free to add a feature request in the proper board. This allows other users to comment and +1 it.
If there is a sufficient number of users who would find this useful this, I will look into it.

Usually IMatch not detecting a face is rare. The images in your screen shot are a good example. No face in sight.
Copying/pasting face annotations between images in the Viewer is fast, even for large quantities of images. Especially if you don't care where the annotation is placed.
Place a small annotation in the top-left corner and assign the person.
Ctrl+C the annotation, mouse wheel down to move to the next image, Ctrl+V, mouse wheel down, Ctrl+C. Repeat as needed.

If you have many use cases for this, add a face annotation for the person to the user gallery in the Viewer (right-click the annotation for the context menu).
You can then the annotation directly from the gallery with a single click in the future.
-- Mario
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