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Donations for ExifTool, OpenStreetMap, ...
« on: December 24, 2020, 01:59:33 PM »
All these tools and services are free for you to use. Created and maintained by volunteers who spend their time creating.

At the end of each year, I donate to each freeware project I use.
That's only fair. I can make IMatch better. My users are happy. Which makes me happy. So, I give back to these projects.

If you have benefited from these projects (or others), consider to donate 3, 5 or more US$ to a couple of these projects.
All take PayPal so you can donate super-quick and without giving away your data or credit card info.

ExifTool is the core software used by IMatch to read and write metadata. And to fix the metadata mess produced by other software.
Phil Harvey, the author of ExifTool, does all this for free and demands no payment.
Still, he has costs to cover and every dollar helps.

I know that  many of you use the free OpenStreetMap project for working with maps in IMatch.
OpenStreetMap provides technology and infrastructure for mapping. Many people all over the world help this project.
If you use OpenStreetMap in the IMatch Map Panel, consider a small donation:

If you use reverse geocoding in IMatch based on the free project, consider a donation.
These friendly people have to maintain their servers and keep the technology working. Apparently, they seem to depend mostly on donations made by online casinos now...?