Started by Aubrey, December 09, 2020, 05:46:43 PM

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It's been a while since I've used IMA, but now during winter's evenings it's nice to review photo sets on smart TV.

Is there a basic slide show function in IMA? There's an old forum topic, where it is mentioned (see below).

I'm wondering how to access, spent some time in IMA manual with "slideshow" search etc.  - I didn't find anything...

Quote from: Mario on November 09, 2018, 04:45:49 PM
A basic slide show in form of a time-controlled auto-advance in the Viewer has been implemented.


Developing a slide show module with transitions, a timeline etc. would be a large project and I don't see a reason. There are probably several dozen free and paid slide show applications out there, in form of Windows applications, web-based generators or self-hosted solutions. Even Windows 10 has a built-in slide show solution (pretty basic, though). Trying to re-implement one of these already existing solutions could take several weeks or even months of my time.


If you haven't used IMatch Anywhere WebViewer for some time, I recommand to open the integrated help system by pressing <F1> on your keyboard or by clicking on the help icon in the toolbar.
The SlideShow feature is explained in the Viewer topic. If I can just quote the help (click on the image below):


OK, figured out my issue.
I'm running my web server on raspberrypi. This does a reverse proxy to my Windows10 IMA PC (used solely for IMA and also Backblaze backups)

I had not updated the imatchviewer directory on my server since goodness knows when (might be 2015, as this is the date of the original config.json  :-[) . When I replaced the imatchviewer files on the server (and made the appropriate changes to the config.json files) I get the new heading with the slide controls in the web browser.

All resolved!