Author Topic: Why there are always thousands of pending writeback files ? Even after writing..  (Read 169 times)


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I don't know exactly how does the metadata writebacks and the after "reading metatada" process work, but:

It seems that "Pending Meta-Data writeback" files never end. Is it OK ?  I wonder if it's not because my files are all on Onedrive and many of the files are always been updated because of "date sync" processes between Onedrive and my COmputer and my computer with iMatch database ?  Or it's nothing to do with it. My iMatch database itself is outside onedrive.

Like now, I've asked to writeback, there were 10,000 files. It finished after 90min with all files processed and started "reading Metadata". After a long time, it finished with that "error window on the bottom of the screen" saying about the log file.  So right after there were another 7,000 to writeback.

I've attached my log file.

Mario, I know you are probably super busy, so no rush here.



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See Metadata Write-back for details about how IMatch writes back metadata and all features involved.

Of course the write-back finishes at some time. When IMatch has written all pending files after you triggered the write back.
If the pen icon comes back after writing back a file, the typical reason is metadata that is out-of-sync (created by other applications, and usually keywords). Often IMatch can fix things automatically with a second write-back. If not, you need to check the metadata in the file and figure out what the problem is.

Point the mouse cursor at the pen icon in the File Window. This shows you which metadata tags need to be written. Keywords?

Run the Metadata Analyst on one of these files to check the metadata for problems.
Use the "Copy Results" button to copy the results into the clipboard and paste them into your reply.