Question about the "Change Tag Name" Message

Started by Lana, October 26, 2020, 03:24:09 PM

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The first sentence of the message says "ExifTool 12.03 introduced changes to tag names in the 'Composite' groups." Attached is a screenshot of the whole message which appears every time I open iMatch.

My apologies, but I am totally confused on this.  Yes, I read the Help page which says the "required change is simple" and I'm supposed to replace the :: in the group name with "-".  How exactly do I "do" this?  Sorry, but I'm not a programmer, I'm just a user who uses iMatch in the most basic way.

I'm good at following step-by-step instructions.  I open iMatch, close the message - then what?  What is my first step to "fix" the issue?

Thanks for your help.


Hi, Lana

chances are that you don't need to do anything - unless you have used variables for composite tags in custom File Window layouts, Batch Processor, Design & Print or other features where users can use IMatch variables.

If you have not used Composite variables somewhere, you can just ignore this message. You still may need to reload the File Window layouts as explained in the help topic, but that's it.
And tick the "Don't show again" at the bottom of the message so it does not appear on every IMatch start.


Thank you Mario.

Well I'm hoping I don't have to do anything.  I am not familiar with composite tags, so I doubt I have used them.  I have created my own Workspaces, but I assume that's different than layouts.

As for reloading the File Window, I clicked through several Help screens and finally figured out that I click on the "edit Layouts" icon in the metadata panel.  I then selected the "Import Panel Layouts button", then did a search for the "system.imfwl" in the Presets folder.  I selected the file, then clicked on Open.  At that point, iMatch froze.  I finally just closed iMatch, rebooted, and clicked on "Don't show again" when the message displayed.

Anyway, iMatch is working fine now.  I don't know if I need to do anything further at this point.  I guess I'll cross my fingers.

Thank you again for your help.


The information of how to import File Window layouts (and a link to the corresponding help topic) is included in the IMatch 2020.9 Upgrade Information help topic.

I have no idea why IMatch froze on your computer when importing the layouts. Never had that before. And the logfile from that session is now gone, so...

If you have used variables based on Composite tags somewhere, they will just not return any data anymore. You will notice.