Button definitions in help?

Started by SpencerH, October 23, 2020, 07:18:35 AM

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I don't get tooltips in my category window, and I understand that it may be an oddity of my system and isn't supported.

Can someone please point me to the help section that defines the buttons?    I've searched in some different places, including the Categories and Category Panel item and just have had no luck.


Hm, works here.

Try to click into the Category panel (the tree) first, then hover the mouse over the toolbar buttons.


I tried clicking in the category tree (even quitting out and coming back) and it still won't give tooltips.

It does give me tooltips in the main window (e.g., when I mouse over Media&Folders, Categories, or Timeline) in the Category view it pops up with "In the Timeline it says "View your files arranged on a timeline"


Does this affect only the Category Panel or also other panels, like the Keyword Panel or Metadata Panel?
Anything special about your PC? Unusual Windows enhancements, themes...?
Do you use the panels docked or free-floating?

Most buttons are shown and explains in the the Categories Panel help topic. Just press <F1> after clicking into the panel to make it the active window.
You can also use the right-click context menu to run all commends, or use the corresponding keyboard shortcuts (listed in the menu and also in the help topic).