Recovering from accidentally overwritten DESCRIPTION field

Started by ubacher, July 26, 2020, 03:43:58 PM

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I had 60 images of flowers, for each I searched for the botanical description and entered it as DESCRIPTION.

Days later I had all the flowers in the window and I used the NOTES app to make a change to a description - unaware that I
had all files selected
: result: all descriptions became identical. How to recover - there is no UNDO option for this?

Database->Database Tools->Clear Processing queues->Clear Metadata write-back queue.
Then I did a Ctrl Shift F5 to reload Metadata. Since I had written out the metadata previous to the screw-up
I managed to recover all the descriptions.

This should also serve as a warning when using the NOTES App rather than the Metadata Panel to make such a change.
The NOTES App does show the number of files selected - one just has to pay attention to this!


The notes app was used by only 10 users over the past four months.
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