Name of the faces in the face annotatioon gallery

Started by Vioh, July 02, 2020, 10:00:19 AM

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When you click on "Add to gallery" in a Face annotation you have to give it a name. Normally you give it the name of the person. It should be good if the persons name is filled in automatically, but possible to change.


This feature is pending removal because the annotation gallery system was never meant to deal with 'super-rich' annotations like faces.
It is also pretty much unknown to users.


Quotefeature is pending removal

I do use this feature as well and will miss it if it gets removed.
Not adding more features for something only used by some users makes sense, but why remove it? As long as this feature is still used for other annotations, I can't see an advantage in removing it just for face annotations.
Telemetry data may not be very accurate, person features are fairly new and most users probably still figuring out how to best use them. The issue that confirmed faces may be changed by the AI may impact the use of this feature too.

There have been some discussions about how to deal best with persons, and I think we all can agree that we can't expect a 100% hit rate from the AI. Not to mention that some users may tag their pets  ;).  So there is some manual work required if you don't want to have another category or keyword structure for manual persons. Copy & paste as well as the user gallery are good tools for this.



I should be very disappointed if this feature is removed. I have always used this very much. It is my family members that i normally tag with face annotations and the AI helps my  with very few of them I have to add most of them manually. The face annotations in the gallery shall not use the AI at all when I select them. They shall be static face annotations without any AI-functionality. I have already decided which names all of them represent.

Even it is can be better, so is the function as it is today much better then nothing.



Have you worked with that recently? Does it not work correctly?