Author Topic: Typo in a pop-up dialogue and in Hint text for Preferences - Metadata2  (Read 1335 times)


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I'm not sure if this is the best place to report these minor typos, but I didn't think they justified an email to your Support address Mario, and they certainly aren't 'real' bugs ... and of course they may have been spotted already.

I spotted these 'typos' in IMatch version 2020.4.6, just after I upgraded from IMatch v2019.8.4.
(I skipped the earlier IMatch 2020 releases and I haven't yet installed the latest IMatch v2020.4.8)

The first oddity is what appears to be a left-over variable "{c3}" - perhaps from some stage in IMatch's development?  Or maybe not?
See the highlighted area on the first attached file named "Wayward (c3) in pop-up dialogue ....jpg") .

This "{c3}" appears on the pop-up message that shows immediately after the initial scan for faces, just after loading a database, following an upgrade to IMatch v2020.4.6. 

The same {c3} appeared on each of the initial scan summaries for all three of my databases.
All 3 databases showed:
0 files with problems
0 files offline
0 annotations without text

Two of my databases also showed 0 files processed, but (I mention this purely for completeness) my 'main' database scan showed:
1 file processed.

(I don't intend this to be an 'error' report at all.  I strongly suspect that the "{c3}" is just a benign 'leftover' of some sort, although of course I might be wrong  :P )

The second attached file shows an actual (minor) typo in the Hint text in Preferences | Metadata2.
The name of the second attached file is "Typo in a Hint for Preferences-Metadata2.jpg"

It's in the Hint relating to "Use normal file names".
The coloured arrow on my attachment points to the text which says:

"If this id off (default: on) ...." etc..

And of course it should say:

"If this is off (default: on) ...." etc..

That's it!
A lot of text - sorry - for what I think are just two very minor glitches.

I trust that an IMATCH_LOG file will not be relevant here, but I can supply one if needed.
Colin P.
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Another similar small glitch at Preferences/Application/Viewer.
And why not sort in alphabetic order?


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@Colin: Both fixed.
@mastodon: The order was never alpha and controlled by IM. Changing this would probably cause massive confusion and complains from commercial customers because of retraining cost:D


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Thanks. :)

Mees Dekker

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This is fixed in the Dutch translation as well