How to reset Metadata "Browser" tab

Started by clpratt, April 14, 2020, 12:41:21 AM

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I was playing with editing the Metadata "Browser" tab but not totally understanding what I was doing, but would like to restore it to its original layout.
As there is no button to reset the panel and not having previously exported the layouts, could someone please tell me how I can get the Browser tab back to original settings.


When you click the Edit icon in the Metadata panel, you'll see all your current panel layouts, and also on the right you can Import Panel Layouts... If you do that, go to C:\ProgramData\\imatch6\Presets you'll see the standard layouts that IMatch ships with. If I recall correctly, you have the option to merge these with your existing layouts.

Hope I haven't left out too many steps...


Thanks John, I have 7 .immdl files, not sure which one I should use?


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