Fix for Tool Tips not showing in Viewer for Favorites or Category Panels

Started by clpratt, April 08, 2020, 09:55:50 PM

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As reported by several people, certain PCs fail to display IMatch tools tips on some of the panels.

Mario says "its caused by the third party user interface toolkit. Don't expect a fix for this glitch, nothing I could fix in Imatch".
I have found a fix which works for me and may help others with this problem.
Simply L click on a spare part of the grey strip at the top of any panel. The tooltips then start working as intended.

I would be interested to hear if this works for other users.



Yes, this fix works, but only in the Favorites panel, and will stop working as soon as I switch to Categories panel. In the categories panel the tooltip is not working and the fix is not working. Changing back to favorites panel and the fix is not working anymore. I have to restart Imatch. Same thing happens...fix works in the beginning, but not after switching to the categoris panel. Imatch 2019.8.4


Sorry its only a partial fix for you, I am lucky that tooltips seem to keep working on all panels after doing the 'fix'.



The problem is that the UI toolkit only shows tooltips when the containing window is the topmost window (active application).
Since the Viewer window is on top of IMatch, the toolkit thinks that IMatch is not the top window and skips the thumbnails.
I tried to work around this, but they have not made this virtual and hence I cannot change the behavior myself. My ticket for this is open for a looong time... :-X
-- Mario
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Since my original 'fix' I have found a more reliable way of re-enabling the elusive toolbar tooltips.
1: Open IMatch
2: Open Categories panel if not already open
3: Select the Categories tab
4: L click on the search icon (magnifying glass)
5: Enter any search term in the search box at the bottom
6: L click on any item name in the category list (not in the square 'select' box)
7: Tooltips should now visible.

Tooltips may disappear when another toolbar icon is selected but simply L click on an empty part of the light grey tool background and they will return.


Thanks for sharing.  Unfortunately it does not recover the Tool Tips for me.