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Title: When sending me emails...
Post by: Mario on August 12, 2013, 10:06:39 AM
please be so kind as to:

1. Include a link to the community posting this email belongs to
2. Include your community user name if different from your email name

Please do not report bugs only by email. Please always post a bug report in the bug report forum. This gives me a tracking number to work with, which allows me to keep all materials and changes made to IMatch in response to the bug report properly organized. If you need to send me stuff by email, first create a bg report and then include the link to the bug report in your email.

I often get emails like "This is the file" and an attachment  ::)

I have a backlog of about 100 emails currently (i get between 30 and 50 emails per day). When I look at your email a week after you have sent it, I cannot remember all the communications which have taken place here on the community, or for which board posting this "Here is the file" email may belong.

Thank you.

Bump. For time reasons, I sometimes process emails a week after you have sent them to me - emails with long bug reports, or attachments I have to download from somewhere. If you don't include the community topic link or number in your email, I sometimes need a long time to find the info you are referring to. I write several hundred posts each week and I cannot remember everything.