I am an amateur photographer and genealogist. My image collection was about 25,000 images when I started with IMatch many years ago and has grown to about 55,000 images today. I know in my mind that I have an image somewhere that just suits the purpose for one of my many collages, one of my entries into my genealogy database or perhaps, a request from my wife for a print of a certain image taken many years ago. Before IMatch, it could take me many hours to find that image. I started by cataloging all new digital images while digitizing and cataloging my existing negatives and old prints. After many years, I can find “that image” with just a few clicks in a very short time. I could not have done this without adopting DAM principles and the IMatch software with the availability of the hierarchical its cataloging features. I have grown with IMatch and am looking forward to working with the many very powerful features in version 5.