New metadata panel layout for IMA

Started by GeoffA, July 08, 2020, 04:28:24 PM

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I have created a new metadata panel layout with new fields in iMatch and it is working fine.
How do I get IMA web services to access this new profile for my volunteers to use at the Museum?


IMatch AnyWhere WebViewer has no concept similar to the IMatch Metadata Panel.

You can see metadata in the file window, by selecting one of the available layouts which show different amounts of data.

To view additional metadata fields, you can create up to two Custom Layouts via the WebViewer configuration (Gear Icon).
These layouts can use IMatch Variables to display any number of metadata tags. HTML/CSS formatting is supported, too.
See the WebViewer help for detailed information.

There is also the possibility to change/enhance the existing file lens "Data" section to show additional data.
But that's more something for a corporate installation and requires detailed know how and regular maintenance after each IMatch WebViewer release.
-- Mario
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