iMatch Famiy use - Your advises

Started by PierreC, April 08, 2020, 05:10:45 PM

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I am preparing the following family use of iMatch :
-I will be maintaining the DBB on all aspects, being the main admin. Among others, I will bring our legacy of pictures into iMatch 2020 (adding the GPS meta data, the faces, ...). I will also be the one adding the new pictures into the database.
-The family (kids and my spouse) will be able to access it. I was initially thinking of having my wife in read only, but one (first?) need appears which would require a write access :
-even if I do expect iMatch 2020 + the camera will do most of the work we need alone (thru face recognition in iMatch, pulling the date/time + the GPS location from the photo file)
-my wife would need to be able to flag the pictures she prefers and the one she does not like (this applies to the legacy as to the photos which will be added later)
-she and the kids may also add the events to the new photos which will be added later

But considering the fact that iMatch is a pretty "expert solution", I would need to provide them an interface which limits what they can do to what they need to do (so here events and flag about how she likes the picture)
Is this interface Anywhere? Or is it an iMatch installation with a locked workspace.. or?

Any advise and experience on this type of use is very welcome.




I think it is better for transparency and standard naming/wording, if only one person makes events and categories. You can hide pictures from the others with protecting files.


Thank you
Your view/experience is that in one iMatch DBB, you would not recomend to have 2 persons working, even if the tasks of the second person are very different  (limited to events and picture rating)

Any different experience in the community?
Any experience with Anywhere?


So.. my situation is similar.. I am the main member in the house that adds photos to the Database, handles backups, RAW editing and basically all things photos.  However, my family likes to view and find items and I enjoy showing off the family vacations to friends and family when they visit.

For me, the ideal combo is IMatch plus IMatch Anywhere..  Imatch is loaded on my main computer and all images are also stored locally.  I do the majority of tagging, etc from IM and save it to a single DB.  I use IMAnywhere on my main TV which has a stick type computer attached to it... I launch IMA via the browser and let it also point to the master DB (IM is not running).  This allows us to view the images and/or even make edits directly back to the main DB while enjoying the photos on our large TV.

It is a good solution and works for us... hope this helps!