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Hi Mario,

I would help you, to "spread the word", but even if I use IMatch a lot, I don't know all parts. And if I want to buy something I often make a list in Excel for me to compare different products (from tool to software all).

Is there a short and precise List (in different languages) just do have an quick overview what IMatch all can do?

For example:

  • DAM with different kind of formats
  • AI-Facedetection in offline use
  • Autotagger
  • Darwin-Core
  • Powerfull renamer


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Don't mix the features of the present and a future versions of IMatch.


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I already looking into the future versions ( ). I guess all new future versions have already the old features. Or am I wrong?


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All important bits are right on the front page, left column under Why IMatch?

Not many people know or care about DarwinCore or know anything about XMP, EXIF or IPTC...
Most people don't read texts longer than one or two paragraphs. Or lists longer than 10 items.

It's super hard to reach people. All have less and less time because more and more 'social media' keep them busy.
Adobe alone spends 250 million dollars per year on advertisements and marketing - on all channels.
Very hard to make yourself heard above all the marketing droning, Google ads, Facebook ads (which are too expensive for me).

Since IMatch 2020 is not available yet, I would not put too much emphasis on features only in that version.

I don't do feature comparison tables. They are popular in magazines (especially in the US) but they don't tell much. You can always find things only your software and no other does, so you have many check marks in your column but not others.

It's also a potential legal issue. If I compare IMatch with other software in such a list, and I get a detail wrong, I'm liable and may be sued.
No problem if some private person does that, though.

Capterra has comparisions and feature check lists of the majority of available DAM software:

IMatch is here:
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I don't want to make a comparison. And I know that people don't want to read. Maybe for them is somethings just important (for example Darwin-Core or Categories or if it is possible to handle rare filetypes). With this list, people can see it and give the software a try. And IMatch has a huge list.