DXO discounts 50% 'til 2/12

Started by Aubrey, November 28, 2019, 03:22:29 PM

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DXO is now doing 50% discounts on all their s.ware for next 4 days.
I waited for this for my upgrade from Photolab 2 to Photolab 3! BTW Photolab 3 has lots of nice tool features I've been trying out on their demo version.

(Still got money aside for IMatch 2020)



DxO are doing their Black Friday discounts again this year.

Affinity is doing a 30% discount.

BTW those of us who upgraded to PL4 from PL3 using their discount lost out... Next year we should use their trial version and pull the trigger after Thanksgiving. I forgot to do it that way this year it's what I did in previous years.