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Started by frlindla, April 29, 2019, 09:34:33 PM

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See the attactched file. Why do I get this Message when I try to start Imatch Webservice. I have started it earlier,  but now it won`t work. I tried the URL I used last time:


But got the message that it`s not available.

What can be wrong?


And here is the log file...


First of all, it looks like you are running an older version of IMatch Anywhere (2019.1.6). If you updated IMatch, but not IMatch Anywhere, it is possible that IMA can not read the database any more. Generally, the versions of IMatch and IMA should match. The current version (of both) is 2019.4.2, if you look at the release notes.

Second point to check: Do you have IMatch running in the background, using the same database as IMA? You can not open the same database in both programs at the same time in writable mode. If so, try to close IMatch and check if you can get a connection.

Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


Thank you! That solved my problem:)

Some other questions:

- Is it only likes (hearts) and not flags that are visible in grid view in webviewer? Flags are visible in the navigator, but can I get more than one photo visible at the time?
- Is auto advance a possiblilty in the navigator?
- Is it right that flags and likes added in webviewer will be visible in Imatch?


1. You can enable the display of collections (bookmarks, flags, dots, pins) via the corresponding option in the Layout Selector menu ("Show Collections").
See the IMatch WebViewer help for details (section 9: Layout Selector).

2. The Navigator allows you to select the files you want to see. What would an auto-advance do there?
If you mean the Viewer: It has a slide-show functionality with auto-advance.  See IMatch WebViewer help. Search for "Slide Show" there.

Tip: To open the IMatch WebViewer help, clock on the ? icon at the top right corner.

3. Likes are an IMatch WebViewer concept, they are unrelated to IMatch and have no counterpart in IMatch. Use rating, label or one of the collections instead.
-- Mario
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Thank you!

Is it right that stars, flags etc. given in imatch anywhere will be visible in Imatch?


Yes. You can check this out quickly by stopping IMWS and then opening your database in IMatch.
-- Mario
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