Author Topic: Use a category formula to find images with a specific ICC profile  (Read 146 times)


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I am trying to set up a category formula that finds all images that use a specific ICC profile ("DC Colour labs Frontier Lustre" in this instance).

I have tried many many permuations of using the @MetadataTag with no success. For example:
"@MetadataTag[ICC_Profile::Main::desc\Profile Description,regexp,DC]"
....and so on and so on!

Infact when I add any formula that I tried as soon as I click on any other formula setup fields (e.g. sealed) the the formula field gets cleared!

I have had no problems using the @MetadataTag for other category variables (e.g. "@MetadataTag[title,regexp,London]" so I assume I am doing something basic incorrectly (e.g. I am not using the correct tag key) or I need some specific configuration setup or this is simply not possible.

I am using v 2018.11.2 64 bit.


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Re: Use a category formula to find images with a specific ICC profile
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2019, 04:25:36 PM »
Why don't you just create a data-driven category on the ICC_Profile::Main\desc\ProfileDescription\0 tag?
This groups your files based on the name of the embedded ICC profile. It won't find files just 'marked' as using Adobr RGB'. For that you can use the special IMatch tag\1700\iccprofilename\0

Both tags of course also work with the @MetadataTag category formula.
In your list, the only real metadata tag is the ICC_Profile::Main... All the other things you have used are not tag keys. And there is even a variable File.MD.ICC... which cannot work of course.

I just used the right tag and it works immediately. This expression finds all files with an embedded color profile where the description contains the word Adobe: