Author Topic: IMatch 2019.2.2 and IMatch Anywhere 2019.2.2 released.  (Read 563 times)


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IMatch 2019.2.2 and IMatch Anywhere 2019.2.2 released.
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:27:53 PM »
Release Notes

All changes, enhancements and bug fixes included in this version are explained in the release notes.
Don't forget to read release notes of previous versions if you have skipped one or more updates.

Some Notes - IMPORTANT

This is in fact a rather huge update, with lots of small to medium enhancements. I think that most of them will be most welcome to many users.
Sometimes even a smaller enhancement can make a big difference.

I have listed all changes and new features carefully in the release notes. Go and read them now.

Under the Hood

One of the largest changes in this release is the totally new resource manager IMatch uses to load texts, messages, dialog boxes, menus, commands etc.
IMatch now manages resources in text file using the JSON format (really similar to how IMatch Apps manage their resources). This, and the brand new IMatch Translator App make it much easier to translate IMatch into different languages. It even has AI for machine translation integrated (Say: "Ahhhh...").

If you are interested in translating IMatch into your language or update one of the existing but not really well maintained language packs (basically, all languages except Dutch, Portuguese and German), let me know.


Use the Updater App integrated in IMatch to install the IMatch update.
Download IMatch Anywhere from the customer portal.


As usual when installing new software, make a backup of your data, including your IMatch database.
For more info about backup see the Baclup help topic in the IMatch help.

To manage and download all your licensed products, open the customer portal.