Copying metadata between files with the same file name

Started by Thomsob, November 14, 2018, 01:19:41 AM

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Hi all, I have what is possibly an unusual situation where I have a large number of small images (1000px) with lots of metadata - keywords, title etc. and I need to create a set of those same images at a much larger size and to have the same metadata. So I can go to the raw files and process them to get the larger images (which will not have any of that metadata). Can I then run a process that matches the file names (since they will be the same) and copies the metadata from the small images to the large ones?

I hope that makes sense!! Any ideas welcomed!


This is a case for versioning. Specify the rule how the master and the slave is related (by name/directory) and then specify what metadata
should be "inherited". Read up on File Versioning. Note that the usual case is that the version has a different file name (usually a postfix)
than the master but the case where master and version have the same name but are in different directories can also be handled.


Yes, I am just looking at the versioning options. I suppose that I need to have a match on something like a filename? I can't match on visually similar images? I am worried about the file names not being similar in all cases.


Actually, I have found that the best way for me to do this is to use the manual versioning option. The only problem I have is that I need to get all the same files to appear together on the same screen. None of the sorting options for the file window actually do that. I have selected the root - "database" and then sort by capture time or file name, but they always display in folder order. Never together.


If you just want a flat, ungrouped list of the files in your database: Use the Database node in the Media & Folders and turn the "Show Hierarchy" option off in the  Hierarchy drop-down menu in the File Window.

File Relations are primarily based on the file name to find masters and matching versions.
You can also link via date and time, GPS date and time or the XMP document id.

Some pro applications use the XMP document id to manage original files and files derived from that (e.g. via "Save as" or conversion or batch processing). If your other applications support that, finding versions is very easy, because they all have the same XMP document id as the master.
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QuoteThe only problem I have is that I need to get all the same files to appear together on the same screen....

Filter your files using the Orientation and dimension filter - since you indicated that your source files are all 1000 pixels wide.

Not sure if you can use manual versioning on more than one set of files at a time.


Excellent, many thanks for that. Problem sorted! cheers, Bruce