Problem with the automatic reverse geocoding function

Started by emef, November 13, 2018, 07:50:57 AM

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Hello everyone,
since yesterday, if I leave reverse geocoding enabled in preferences I always get an error when trying to assign a GPS position by working on the Map tab (see attached file); if, however, I disable this function, everything works well, with of course the obligation to perform the reverse geocoding manually.

If I try to override the error by insisting, after several times IMatch declares me that it is impossible for him to connect to the server "".

An idea that would allow me to reactivate the "Automatic Reverse Geocoding" without any penalty?   ;)
Thank you in advance.


Have you entered your personal user name under Edit > Preferences > GPS & Maps in IMatch? And also enabled your account at


Yes of course. I have an active account for years and I checked the validity of my ID last night on their server.


Then please attach an IMatch log file. It will show us the error message from if there is one.
Maybe GeoSetter is just down or overloaded? It's a free service and has recently introduced stricter limits to reduce load.

Switch to Debug logging with Help > Support > Debug Logging and then do a reverse geo-coding.
Then ZIP and attach the log file from that session.

See log file


Again the same error after reactivating reverse geocoding.


The server returns "http status 503 - service unavailable", which indicates a downtime, service error or maybe a quota overuse.

Other errors recorded are:

Une erreur inconnue s'est produite (An unknown error has occurred)
Le délai imparti à l'opération est dépassé (The time limit for the operation is exceeded) => Server did not answer in time.

This does not seem to be an IMatch problem. Rather a problem or something with your account.