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Started by HansEverts, September 14, 2013, 03:22:22 PM

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For most of you probably a piece of cake, but I am already glad I've come so far. I have about 1600 NEF images from different countries. I want to make a template that copies the countries from the metadata into the keywords. The configuration as per the attachment works, but puts the country right under @keywords, whereas my existing keyword countries are under @keywords/Images/Countries/France, etc.. How can I direct the country to the right place in the hierarchy?


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You are actually attempting a complex thing here:

You want to create a hierarchical keyword from a piece of information in your metadata (in this case the contents of the country metadata tag).
How should IMatch know where to place your country name in your keyword hierarchy?

But IMatch Metadata Templates are thankfully very flexible. Use this as your value:


This 'produces' a hierarchical keyword from the country metadata tag by combining a literal value Images|Country| with the variable representing the Country metadata tag.

Check the spelling (upper-lower case in my example) so it matches the spelling of your keyword hierarchy.
Also make sure you set the merge with existing contents option else you will replace all existing keywords with your country.
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