imatch showing usb_HDD drive names for each drive ?

Started by Steve01, May 25, 2018, 04:52:11 PM

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help says:-
Media   CD-ROM or DVD, BR-D are media. A USB stick may be also considered a medium if you work with multiple sticks and set Windows to assign the same drive letter to these sticks. IMatch displays media using their label (if specified during formatting the medium) and the unique media serial number.

I can see that the scan of my usb_HDD_009 has no identifying name, just says F:

when I remove this usb and insert usb_HDD_010 how will iMatch know the existing folders were from usb_HDD_009 ? How will it display them as belonging to usb_HDD_009 so that when I do a search and find DVD_RTAV HorseRide 0-23 xp I will know what drive its on ?

I put formatting into the help search window but nothing is found. Also try the index window. Just takes me to the above quote.

It mentions that CD and DVD will be displayed as 86G4D9G which is a problem as I store them via the spine label CD001 CD002 DVD001 DVD002 etc. If they are sent to me. then DVD_Jim_001 etc

where does one create the label usb_HDD_009 during formatting the medium ?
If this refers to usb_HDD by e.g Western Digital , one doesnt format them, instruction is to plug and play.

I name them using WinExplorer in F drive altering WD My Elements to usb_HDD_009 MyElements_Blue  for example and from then on when inserted it appears as usb_HDD_009 MyElements_Blue.

I also create a folder _0_usb_HDD_009 MyElements_Blue    which sits atop the folders stack in the right hand window pane due to the _0_. as confirmatio of the drive I am looking at.

If I scan that drive in another prog it shows it as usb_HDD_009 so that works, normally.

As such what needs doing for iMatch to display the 12 or so usb HDD drives with their unique names ?  as I remove one and scan the next.



IMatch uses the unique drive media serial number (see help for details) to manage multiple media in the same drive.
It shows the media serial number in the Media & Folders View for media marked by Windows as removable media and when you have indexed more than one media from the same drive.

Multiple media indexed on the same drive (F:)

See for details.
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I can report back that upon entry of second usb_HDD the first ceased to be just F: and took on the name given to it in windows Explorer.
The only way to see if it lost the entries or their source was to suck it and see.

Now scanning a DVD though I do know I cant give it the name on the DVD case spine.
I shall have to use some kind of conversion table so as to know what DVD label 9GJ4F88G in fact is regards its user created sensible spine label.


better than


WhereIsIt allowed entry of user name for removeable media which was useful, .



We discussed this just the other day:

You can use the friendly folder name feature in IMatch to give the root folders of your DVDs a custom name.
See the link in my first reply in the thread above.

As also explained in the other thread: Using CDs or DVDs is not a real issue these days anymore. Most users have long ago moved from slow and potentially decaying CD/DVD storage to hard disk or USB sticks. Much faster and more convenient. A 2TB hard disk takes 450 DVDs. A 128B USB stick takes 30 DVS or almost 200 CDs worth of images.
It's worth the effort switching from CD/DVD storage to a more modern storage approach like eternal drives or USB sticks.
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