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Started by Steve01, May 25, 2018, 08:25:51 PM

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first test on optical drive sata LG, its been chuntering away back and forth, for 30 mins on a 722 files 3.84GB dvd with Cr2 photos on it ( and a few jpg) and with 460 of 714 done and 5mins remaining it says, though that remaining figure can vary I find.

Thats 34 mins to do 1 dvd.

suggestion....for times when users have an optical drive to scan, would it not be quicker to have imatch carry out a copy across to a user designated drive temporary folder, work on the files there, then associate the thumbs etc with the original optical media when done, deleting the temporary storage ?

I can see myself copying all opticals to a usb_HDD as 30 mins per disc with boxes of them is impractical and likley to wear out the optical drive.



IMatch has no special mechanisms to deal with optical media. Windows usually does a good job at caching the files, which means after ExifTool has extracted the metadata (which is the first step when indexing a file) operations like calculating the checksum or the WIC codec reading the file to extract the thumbnail etc. are performed on an in-memory copy of the file. Bud optional media are really more a thing of the past now, and hence, who knows...

I recommend that you dial-down the number of parallel processes IMatch performs as long as you index files from very slow optical media. Go to Edit > Preferences > Application and set the both values under Progress Control to 1. Restart IMatch and retry. If IMatch only processes one file a a time, your optimal media should be able to cope. Don't forget to reset the values to their defaults (0) after being done with your optical media because processing only one file at a time will severely reduce the overall performance for files on normal hard disks.

See Configuring Process Control for Slow Media in the IMatch knowledge base for more info.
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