IMatchviewer using on the TV?

Started by Nordlicht, January 07, 2018, 10:08:10 PM

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the last few days I have begun to incorporate my pictures in IMatch. At the same time I started to deal with IMA and IMatchviewer.

These are great prospects together. I'm thinking about how I can bring the pictures with IMA on the TV. About the browser on the TV that would be rather tedious.

I think about connecting the iPad to the TV via HDMI. An Intel Nuc or so I do not want to buy yet.

Are you using IMA on the TV? And if so, how?



I do use IMA on my large TV and it is a pleasure!  Currently have a Beelink S1 minipc setup via HDMI and using a bluetooth keyboard with built in trackpad/mouse.  The setup works pretty well even over wireless with the only major issue being my video files.  I am currently using mp4 files and even through a wired connection, the videos take a long time to build thumbnails/buffer and I still have some major stuttering when viewing them large screen.

I'm not sure if the bottleneck is the lack of power on the minipc (netflix and youtube seem to work ok though - even over wireless), transfer speeds between the IMADB catalog/server that exists on my Main PC or something else.. but for images - things work very well.

Hope this info helps!