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Started by Mees Dekker, December 17, 2017, 12:53:23 PM

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Mees Dekker

In my images, the copyright info is shown double in the composite tag "copyright holder". How does this come about?

My workflow is as follows:

  • I import my images from my camera (CF card) to a folder "Camera download" on my local disk using Adobe Bridge. At that time Bridge applies a metadata template that fills in my name etc. into the IPTC core (Bridge can't write into EXIF as far as I know)
  • When I import these images into Imatch, copyright info is shown correctly in the composite tag
  • I then add manually (via Geosetter) the GPS data and these are written back into the file itself (not in the xml-sidecar). Geosetter does not touch any other metadata
  • when I rescan the metadata of this file; the copyright info is shown twice in the composite tag; see attachment

There is no difference whether Imatch is running or not while I import my images. So the problem is caused by some action Geosetter performs or the rescan by Imatch. Does anybody experience the same phenomena or have any clue on this?


Copyright Holder is a repeatable tag (can contain multiple items) when I'm not mistaken. This looks like either GS or ExifTool is appending to that tag, not replacing what's there...?
When IMatch re-imports a file (unless metadata protection is active) it throws away the metadata of the file in the database and reads everything fresh from the file And the existing XMP file! Maybe that's what's causing this?

I would need a file you have manipulated in GS and the XMP file you have created in IMatch. This allows me to reproduce the re-import scenario to see what's going on. I don't recall a similar case.

Mees Dekker

I also see this when I let my camera write copyright into the file.

Even when I do not import the file through Bridge (but by using Windows explorer) and don't use Geosetter, I do get this double information. I'll send you the original file (straight from the camera with the copyright info from camera via WeTransfer.


OK. Please include a link back to this topic. I have over 40 emails in my stack and may have forgotten what your email is about when I finally reach it ;-)


Hi, Mees

I have downloaded your sample file.
When I import it into IMatch I see your copyright info only once in the XMP copyright field and also in the virtual Composite field.

I now change the title, description and rating. Then write back. Still, I see the data only once.
I now update the copyright info directly and write back.
Again, the data exists only once afterwards.

I also have checked the image and the XMP data with ExifTool.
The image has a partial XMP record (with a zero rating).
The copyright info is in the EXIF IFD record.
After write-back, the same data is in the standard Copyright field which is part of XMP (in the XMP sidecar file).

This looks good here.
Do you use any non-standard metadata settings? A metadata template perhaps which runs during the import?