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Started by jeknepley, June 09, 2017, 04:55:53 PM

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After I submit my login, this message appears:

Error communicating with server. Connection lost or server unreachable. [404]
URL: http://XXXXX:YYYYY/v1/data"

After I click OK, the message disappears and everything appears to work properly. (I substituted XXX & YYY above for the correct actual data.)


I assume you are trying to connect with IMatch WebViewer to an IMatch WebService running on the same / another computer?
Try to clear the cache of your browser and see if the problem persists. If so, please include the IMWS log file for further analysis. You can see the name of the log file in the WebService Controller.


No luck clearing cache. Log file attached.


No errors in the log.

So you cannot longer connect to IMWS with IMatch WebViewer? Or does it fail only once? I'm not clear about the actual problem you are experiencing.


It appears to be an extraneous message. Just wanted to alert you to it in case it was a symptom of some "real" problem.

In and of itself, as I suggested in my OP, "all's well that ends well. The error window pops up as soon as I enter my login and click on submit. Then, as soon as I click on the error's OK button, the error window disappears and IMA works (or so it seems) perfectly.

This happens on the host server, on another PC on the same wifi net, and on an iPad.

As I said, not a real problem for me - but the extraneous, meaningless? error which might concern a new user.



Can you please open the debugger tools in your browser (press <F12>) and make sure that the "Console" is visible (depends on you browser).
Then repeat the steps which cause the error.
Maybe IMatch WebViewer or JavaScript dumps an error message that helps to identify the problem.


Strange. This morning both PC's that exhibited this behavior, one being the host server, started IMA without showing the error message. However, the iPad still does. I'll keep an eye on it.


I don't know about Safari - Apple is always special, in anything.
But I think it has a developer console as well. You need to check the Apple sites for info about how to use it.

Does the iPad connect after the initial error message?


Good news. The iPad now performs normally. The only thing that I did (I think) was to stop and restart the IMWS controller.

I use Chrome for the iPad. I also tried Safari during my initial IMA setup/install. All that I saw on Safari was a completely blank screen. Since IMA is for my sole personal use, I didn't see the need to take on another problem to fix this.

Chrome & FF both work fine on my PCs.

My IMA host PC has two HDDs. One was getting full, so I moved the cache to the 2nd (great documentation on this by the way). That should have had no effect on the error message problem going away, but thought I'd mention it.


If everything is working now, great!

If it comes back, the developer console in your browser (Chrome has one, <F12> key) may give us more info to work with.

You can always do a check to see if IMWS is running via the /info link (see the link in the controller). If this works, IMWS is up and running. Then we can limit the problem hunt to IMatch WebViewer and it's configuration.