Removing IPTC Tags

Started by jch2103, June 03, 2017, 10:47:13 PM

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As has been discussed in this Forum several times, It's a prucent thing to use only XMP metadata tags, and not the old IPTC-Classic tags, which are now considered obsolete. Among other problems, using both the old IPTC tags and newer XMP tags can result in synchronization problems (such as a cycle of of repeatedly re-writing metadata).

One can use the Metadata Command Processor to delete these obsolete tags using this syntax:

I was able to clean up some 20,000 images that contained old IPTC tags using this set of commands. However, I discovered that I still had about a thousand images the refused to clean up properly. I contacted Phil on the ExifTool forum, and he found that these files had IPTC data in the wrong location,8324.msg42743.html#msg42743. He gave me this set of commands, which seems to have solved the problem.

Phil is an invaluable resource and ExifTool is a crucial tool for managing metadata.


Thank you for sharing. Always good to know.


you can add
or -v3

This gives you verbose information showing what is being changed. -v3 gives more information than -v2