Customize Openstreetmap server

Started by mrfurry, February 18, 2018, 06:30:42 PM

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I have a slippy map server in-house that can serve tiles a bit faster than going to OSM directly.  Is it possible to customize the tile server source in iMatchAnywhere?


IMatch loads the OpenLayers script from the official CDN. I don't provide a server address, that's automatically selected by the OL code.
I have never had a need for this but there is most likely a method in the OL API that allows to configure the map server. You could then use that to customize the C:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\webroot\imatch\apps\mapapp\ol\olmap.js file to set the map server URL. Keep a copy of the file after your change because it will be overwritten when you update IMatch.

I doubt that such a specialized solution would be useful for other users. But feel free to add a feature request for some 'way' to configure the OSM server in the Map App. See for more info.
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