Categorie: 1-Unassigned Images

Started by Gerd, August 14, 2013, 11:43:52 PM

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on Monday I assigned some pics to their categories via the trick, that I assigned all unassigned images to a new category AA_NEW so they disapeared from 1-Unassigned Images. That where roundabout 5.000 picvs, at the end 3.570 left in AA_NEW and 0 pics in "1-Unassigned Images", so far so good.

Today evening I saw in the category "1-Unassigned Images" 9.877 pics! I have not changed the amount of pics, nothing!

What has happened here? Did IM5 something in the background? The total amount of pics in @All did not change (144.108)!
I have saved the logs from time to time. Can I search for special keywords to see, what and when it has happened?

I have now created a second category AA_NEW2, where I assigned the new unassigned ones to.


P.S. Uuups .. I think, I found the solution: In IM36 I made categories for the type of my cameras: Canon, Fuji and so on   and assigned my pics to them. I could them easily identify by the dates, because I use only one camera-model in a time-period.

On Monday I decided to clean-up my categories, because also in the IMatch Sample Cats are categories for the camera-types. So I deleted my cats for the camera-types ... and now a lot of pics, that have been assigned only to my camera-type-cats are now visible as unassigned!
So I found back nearly 10.000 pics!