Copying Files To Another Folder / Closing Database With Filter Active

Started by Darius1968, August 06, 2013, 03:41:32 AM

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Okay, my 1st issue here is about switching from the "Timeline" to the "Media & Folders" views, for the purpose of copying a file to another folder.  So, I have an image highlighted in the "Timeline" view, I copy it from the right-hand context menu, switch to "Media & Folders" and navigate to the desired folder to which I want the image copied.  All okay.  However, when I switch back to "Timeline", the original image is no longer highlighted, and it's important for it to be as I would like to continue browsing the file window from the point I left off. 

For my 2nd issue, I have an active filter going in the "Timeline" view, and I close my database.  When I open the database again, IMatch resumes where I left off - in "Timeline" view with the proper image highlighted that I was originally on when I closed the database.  So far, so good.  Now, I reactivate the filter, and here's where the symptom of my problem comes on:  IMatch keeps my database view going in the "Timeline" view but it has gone all the way to 'the top of the list', so to say.  How can I alleviate this?  I have the hierarchical view activated. 

I apologize if this is a bug, but I posted here, as I don't know yet if these issues are related to how I'm operating IMatch.