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Started by sinus, February 10, 2016, 08:53:49 AM

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Hi all
I have quite a huge DB (220'000 images, 12 GB big DB). My main-computer is in the studio (agency).
At home I have sometimes the time, to check some images, also old images.

There I change some metadata-fields, mostly

- Headline
- Description
- City
- Sublocation

And I can find also some images, what I want delete.

Now, instead always take the whole DB with me (with or without Pack n go) I have "created" a csv-Export-text-file with the Export-modul "Text Export".

Hence all edited fields goes into this file.
If I want delete files, I write DELETE (or so) into one of the field.

Then, in the studio, I use the modul "CSV File Import" and all is done very quickly. I checked this, all seems to be ok.
I can then simply still search for "DELETE", find these images and now can really delete them.

Make this scenario sense for you?
Or have you a better solution?

Finally it seems to work fine.

As always, we have different possibility with IMatch.  :D

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Makes sense to me. I find myself in the same situation often. Please post your settings when you are happy with the functionality.

A complete functionality would also take care of having an extract of the full db and changing some files "off-line".
These changed files need to be written back to the main db.
All changed Metadata needs to be updated in the main db.
All files deleted "off-line" need to be deleted in the main db.

( I have old IM3 scripts which do some of this - but not the delete!)


I don't work with two IMatch instances, but regularly do some things in Excel or other programs. For (meta-)data export I do very often use the Copy Data App: just write filename and the required metadata fields, if necessary separated with [tab] and they're ready to paste in Excel. Example:


The Copy Data App Mario provides is easier and more flexible than the Text Export module. I even modified the Copy Data App to have a few instances at the same time.

If I have an external list of images that I want to select in IMatch, I have a small script (inherited from IM3, attached) that reads the file names from a text files and creates a category with these files. Of course the CSV Import is quite useful as well.


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