Reordering tabs in the Favorites panel

Started by DavidOfMA, January 08, 2016, 03:54:03 PM

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Although you can't directly reorder the tabs in the Favorites panel, you can achieve the same effect by clicking the icon that allows you to choose which tabs to display (it has a green checkmark) and deselecting all the tabs except the one you want to be displayed first. Then, one at a time, re-click that icon and choose the tab you want to appear second, click OK, third tab that you want to display, click OK etc. IMatch will display the tabs in the order you do this. It's a little tedious, but it works.

I discovered this strategy worked with reordering docked autohide panels when I accidentally closed one. When I re-selected it in the View | Panels menu, it showed up on the same edge of the screen but at the end of the group, rather than appearing where it was before I closed it. I used this unclick/click method to reorder the panels, and then thought it might work with the Favorites, too.



I haven't tried this but it's good to know.  In the past I've just created each favorite in the order I wanted the tabs shown.