Moving Files accidentely

Started by grauschaf, September 04, 2015, 09:16:58 AM

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What I want do do:
I want to copy files of an IMatch category to a Folder, which is not indexed by IMatch. The files in my category are located in different Folders.

What happens:
I use drag and drop to copy the files. Sometimes I forget to press the Strg-key while dragging and the files are moved and not copied. In the IMatch Category they are marked as 'offline' now.

My question:
How can I get the files back to the database?

  • Simply copying them back to the category doesn't work. All category assignments get lost from the copied files.
  • The relocate command doesn't help. I want the files to be located in the original Folders.
  • Using the Folder View and copying them back to the original Folder doesn't work, because I don't know the original Location any more.
What can I do to restore the files to the original Folders, keeping all category assignments?
Maybe there is a simple way to do that. But I don't see it  :-[


Just tried this out.
If I drag n drop a file from IMatch-cats to the desktop, then IMatch creates a copy.
If I click additionally the shift key, then the file will be moved.

In the thumb in IMatch, is then a sign, what says, the file is offline.
But if you hover over the "i" in the right top corner of the (offline) thumb, you can see the original folder.
If you cannot see this, there are other ways to see it, because IMatch has still this info stored.

Then you could move the files back to the original folder and all is normal as before.

Well, this means some work for you.  :D

So it is better in the future to confirm, that you copy a file, not moving it.  ;D
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Hi Sinus

Thank you for your answer. Helps me a lot  :)