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Started by dkorman, July 10, 2015, 08:25:13 PM

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Can Attribute Variables be added to a layout grid in the File Window, so that I can see file attributes in columnar format?  I do not see the option to add the variable names in the Layout Editor.  I do see the option for a custom template, but I do not understand how that relates to the Layout.
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Yes, you can display attributes in the file window.  In the attached screenshot you can see my Tabular file window layout where I'm using a custom template with column #5 containing the attribute.  Also shown is the layout configuration I used to select and display that attribute.

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Thanks.  I thought it must be there, because Mario is so thoughtful in creating such flexible software.


As John pointed out, IMatch Variables allow you to display any metadata tag and also Attribute values in the file window. Just create a custom layout (or duplicate an existing layout to start with) and then include the Attributes you want. Using variable functions you can control how the Attribute data is formatted etc.

Tip: The VarToy App (in the App Panel) allows you to try out your variables. If you get the result you want in the VarToy app, copy/paste the variable expression from there into your file window layout.
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