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Started by Mees Dekker, April 06, 2015, 05:10:57 PM

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Mees Dekker

I use file window tip a lot and I had a custom made tip window

After installing 5.4.4 this morning, my customized tip window is gone. Does anybody have a suggestion as how to get it back? I do have backups (Imatch P&G) but they are all 5.4.2 versions.


There are only a few changes in the code since the 5.4.2, and none related to  the File Window Tip or anything.

The File Window tip is stored inside the IMatch settings database (C:\ProgramData\\IMatch5\config\imatch5.pts) on a per user / per computer basis.
Installing a new IMatch version does not touch the settings database.

Are there any errors in the log?
Your computer seems to produce many obscure problems, unfortunately.
You can just restore your last working imatch5.pts to get all settings back.
-- Mario
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