Most Reliable Source For HDD/SSD Purchases

Started by Darius1968, February 13, 2024, 01:22:36 PM

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Simply asking the opinion of others in this forum about which online retailers are most reliable/trustworthy for the purchase of external PC storage - B&H Photo, Newegg, etc.?  I just ran across a Fast Server outlet, and also wanted to know if anyone here is familiar with it?  Thanks for input. 


I've purchased from Newegg for over 20 years... fast, reliable and their prices are generally fair.  MicroCenter is also a good choice though their best prices are often in-store only deals.  Good luck!


A belated reply.  NewEgg and B&H Photo are both good retailers in the USA.  (No idea about UK High Street shops, or EU retailers.)

Also for mechanical hard drives, this database is useful.  In general, I tell friends to select Western Digital (WD) mechanical drives in preference to Seagate. 

I used to buy only Hitachi Global Storage Technology drives when they were an independent company.