Qimage log integration version 0.1

Started by Winfried, August 26, 2014, 10:31:58 PM

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Qimage is to my opinion an excellent printing tool, although it is now marketed more as a simple to use raw-converter.
Well, I use Qimage since 2002 (IMatch since 2003). I am loyal if I am convinced.   ;D
And I still use it mostly for printing.

One of the major points is the feature that I am able to switch between different printer setting for different papers with different icc-profiles.
Another important point is the logging of print jobs. I am able to recall old print jobs and reprint the image with the same settings.
Since Qimage support drag-and-drop it is no problem to integrate it into IMatch.
Thats the easy part...

Idea: Use IMatch to administrate the Qimage printing logs.

First approach (Version  0.1)
For each printjob there are 5 files in the Qimage log

If I open the *.job file with Qimage the printjob is recalled and I can reprint the image.

I use a simple tool "Directory Monitor" to monitor the directory and to copy these files to a directory under IMatch control.

What else to do?
Define the *.job as a text file to IMatch and the *.jp1, *.jpt, *.jss, *.jst als buddy-files to the *.job files.

Thats all for version 0.1
You can just start a *.job file from IMatch with Qimage as you print an images.

Hint: I configured Directory Monitor not to copy files containing the word "last", because that is a additional job-entry to kept track of the last printed job.

OK, that is the status 0.1 of my project.

My intention is to have an attribut file set containing the printing information for each image I printed.
Since the *.job file is a text file it should be no rocket science to write a script extracting the needed information from the file and and the needed values to the attributes.
Example of the contents of this file:
* Qimage v2014.251
* Printing to: EPSON Stylus Pro 4000 on
* Page: 204.0 x 280.0 mm.  (720 x 720)
* Printer ICC profile: IGGFS13_EPP4000_PSPPn.icc (P, BPC)
* Interpolation: Max-720 PPI/Max-720 PPI/Fusion
* Print sharpening: On
* Global filter: Off
* Print filter: Off
* Canvas shrinkage comp: 0.00
* Copies of each page: 1
* Job started: 2014-08-18 15.12.29
* Job finished: 2014-08-18 15.12.42

If I define the filename of the *.job-file as a link, I can start Qimage from the attribute entry and reprint the  image.
Problem: I am very bad in scripting. So this will be my first IMatch Script. And it will take some time. But I am convinced, I will succeed ;)
And I will you keep informed.



Hello Winfried,

Just a nod of encouragement to you from me, for this idea.

I'm also a totally 'convinced' fan of Qimage  :) and I although I only began using it in 2012, I now use it for every print job I do onto any 'special' papers.  Admittedly Qimage's User Interface is not one of the most intuitive I've ever met, but by golly it delivers (so far, in my experience) 100% of what I ask it to do in each properly-configured 'job' definition. (I never use it as a RAW converter or as an image editor. I think its strength continues to be its ability to take total, assured control of my printer and to insulate me from my printer's quirks.)

What you describe below is an impressive start to a possible interaction between two powerful (and hence therefore complex!) software programs; IMatch and Qimage!  I'll watch with interest.

Best wishes,


Another Qimage user here (printing only, though limited throughput...). Sounds interesting; I'll keep following also.



Me too... :) Qimage since 7 years (v2007.160). And also PWP (v6) but I must confess I use it seldom these days, too slow despite the nostalgia... DxO and ASP now for 99% of my images.

But thanks for your post. I think I will install directory monitor (the company name alone: Brutal Developer is tempting) and try it out.