Passing images to Picture Window Pro Workflow

Started by Winfried, August 12, 2014, 08:14:51 AM

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Picture Window Pro includes a feature called "workflow". This is some kind of batch-processing.
The recent update to version 7.0.13 includes a command line feature for this.
It is now possible to pass images from IMatch to a Picture Window Pro workflow.

To do so I created a short  *.cmd file, created a link on the desktop for this *.cmd file and added it to IMatch 5 as an application.

--- *.cmd file -------
"C:\Program Files\Digital Light & Color\Picture Window Pro 7.0\Pw70.exe" "C:\Users\Winfried\AppData\Roaming\Digital Light and Color\Picture Window\Workflows\MoveToDateFolder.wfl" %*


P.S.: Be aware, Picture Windows Pro does not handle metadata well and it does not support xmp-data at all. :(