Copying all image files & IM5 Database from home machine to Laptop

Started by ianrr, July 10, 2013, 10:57:38 AM

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Hi, have tried this a number of times now, the laptop becomes a duplicate of the Images folder, plus IM5 database copied as well. I get that the database needs to be re located, but results are unexpected, with some directories showing up as off line and or missing.

Do I need to copy the cache folder also, is this version not at that point yet or am I doing something wrong ???

Await help at this point,  Thanks.

Well Imatch was right  ... the file copy program I use often, for some reason, was not copying all the files. Yet to find out why  .. but will solve it.


If I remember well, also the serial number of the hard disk with images is checked from IMatch.

If you want to use IM and a specific database on another computer and hard disk, you have to relocate folders with IM command "Relocate...". This is not a real relocation, but just a reference to the new hard disk. For me this never showed any missing directories or inconsistencies (if really all folders and files are synchronized). But it is a little bit inconvenient. That is why I modified the serial number of my 2nd hard disk with a special tool. With this the serial numbers of 1st and 2nd HDD are now identical and IM does not complain any longer. So no more "Relocate..." is required.

Regards, Martin
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 :-[   :-[   :-[  Oops  ... Looks like the copies I was doing to the hard disk are indeed not saving all files ... so no wonder there was troubles  ... directories were copied but a number of files were not  ... will sort that out when I wake up. ... Thanks Photon for your ideas on hard drive renumbering, will keep it in mind down the track.