Only very small thumbnails, no preview, missing WIC codecs etc...

Started by Mario, June 16, 2014, 10:33:30 AM

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If IMatch only shows icons for RAW files, or the thumbnails are very small, you most likely do not have installed a WIC codec for the RAW format you are using.

Please see the WIC and Codec blog entry at the web site for more information and download links.

WIC Diagnostics

To determine if a WIC codec is installed and used, please do this:

1. Select one of the problem files in a File Window
2. Run the WIC diagnostics from Help > Support > WIC Diagnostics

The result shows you a list of all installed codecs on your system. At the end of the listing you'll find the results for the selected file. This will tell you if a WIC codec or the file was found, and if it worked.

After Installing WIC Codecs

If you have installed WIC codecs for your file format after you have added the files to your database, you need to rescan the files with the force update option. IMatch does not re-index files which have not been modified. And you don't have modified files, just installed a new WIC codec.

To rescan files in order to use the now installed codec, do this:

1. Select the files you want to rescan in a File Window, or select one or more folders in the Media & Folders View
2. Press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<F5> to open the extended rescan dialog. Alternatively, hold down <Ctrl> while selecting the Rescan command from the context menu
3. In the dialog, choose Force Update

IMatch will now rescan the files, re-created thumbnails and cache images as needed using the installed WIC codec.


Thanks for that, Mario.  I've got the problem with .CR2 files and have updated one folder, but is there a way to select all .CR2 files in all folders?


Select @all to establish where you want to search then enter .CR2 in the search box and click X to start the search.



1. Select the Database node in the Media & Folders View.

2. In the Filer Panel, make sure the File Format filter is visible and select the .cr2 extension
- or - use the File Window Search Bar. Switch it to search in file names and enter the search term .CR2

3. Select all files and press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<F5> and then "Force Update" in the dialog.


Quote from: Richard on June 18, 2014, 05:58:08 PM
Select @all to establish where you want to search then enter .CR2 in the search box and click X to start the search.

This also searches in all files. But the search scope should be limited to file names, because .CR2 may appear in the metadata or Attributes somewhere, causing files to be rescanned which are not .CR2 files. Clicking the X is not required, the search starts automatically. The X is to clear the search.


QuoteThe X is to clear the search.

The tip says it is to start or stop the search.

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