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the help file match.chm only shows the table of contens, but no content. Error message (german):
"Die Navigation zu der Webseite wurde abgebrochen"
Are there special requierments for the chm-file? IE10?
Walter Reinthaler

Looks like some sort of security kicked in on your machine.

Please open the IMatch program folder in Windows Explorer (usually c:\program files\imatch 5) and right-click on the file imatch5.chm. Uncheck the "blocked" check box. See also the Microsoft knowledge base article:

If your help file is on a network drive move it to a local drive and open it by double click.

Thank you, Mario, that helped. Never heard about this.
Regards, Walter

A Windows HTML help file is basically HTML and can include embedded JavaScript, like regular web sites.
The IMatch help uses this sparingly, e.g. for the Table of Contents you can expand at the top of every help topic (many people miss that, but it is very helpful for large topics).

Usually the "Blocked" option is only set when you download CHM files from the web. CHM files installed by Windows Installer, like for IMatch, are usually not flagged as such. For whatever mysterious reasons, security settings, group policies and whatnot, the imatch5.chm is blocked on a very small number of PC's. That's one of the strange things you get with Windows...


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